Sigh. We’re still falling all over ourselves every time we encounter a gorgeous wine piece! This is more than a crush. Obsession, much?

Hence, the consistent inclusion of the color in our new arrivals. Check out the latest objects of our wine addictions affections:

1.      Skirts, skirts and more skirts!

We’ve got pleated ones, both long and short.

And of course, the fan favorite skater skirt is available and ready for sidewalk slayage (ya know, with or without the skateboard).


If you’d like to simply take a bow, then look no further than these…


 Or just go traditional and chic. A little texture makes for a great design!

Skirts are your favorite. That’s why they’re ours. But just in case you prefer more fabric and layering options this fall, Chicwish is prepared to pour out more wine pieces for you:

 2.      So there’s this stunning wine maxi…

There’s no limit to the occasions this maxi dress can be incredibly appropriate for! Style it with denim for a casual look or fur for more glam!

 3.      Our vintage cocoon coat is a beautiful, bold blend of luxury and practicality!

 Stay cute and keep cozy in this beautiful piece of outerwear.

 See what I mean? One simply cannot help drowning in this delicious wine hue! Check out these styling ideas: 

Today, we set our amorous sights on olive green. The earth-tone offers up tons of femininity without dishing out beaucoup army vibes! If these pieces don’t enlist you in this fall color, then we’re not sure what will—lol, or where your head’s at.

1.      The foxy leather skirt


This super stylish faux leather skirt has ample edge and sophistication without donating too many school teacher vibes! However, class will be in session as you gracefully hit the streets in this foxy piece because everyone be scribbling notes from you on how to look fabulous every day this fall. Mix and match this skirt with a plethora of separates, giving the most styling attention to your neutrals!

 2.      More skirt deliciousness—this time served by tulle!


The princess style honors us with its presence once more! Tulle always does just enough to bring the drama and flair!

 3.      The long, sensual shirt dress


Your eyes should totally be ogling this darling dress!

4.      And just in case you’d like to go short…

 This skinny-belted beauty should do the trick for you! It’s simple and fun for fall.

5.      The olive green skirt


What’s not to love!? This flirty skirt will make for lots of layering fun.

6.      The ever essential blouse


7.    Grace Reverie Green Floral Dress

Styling these pieces will be such a breeze. Here’s a head start complete with styling ideas:

Today, I’m crushing on amber! In the spirit of a dazzling sunset, this rich and beautiful hue flirts with gold and oranges. The amber hue warmly blends will with the rest of your fall color palette—which means your olive green, wine-hued and neutral pieces now have a new playmate!

These 3 amber pieces make for loads of fall styling fun…

1.      The vixen trench

Autumn requires you to own at least three trenches so this is the perfect way to introduce this warm color into your closet. Slide a dress beneath this amber trench or go with an ensemble made of separates. There no wrong way to wear this already stunning trench.

 2.      The chic flared midi

Made of princess-y tulle and in this yummy color— why don’t you own this gorgeous garment already? The subtle yet chic skirt reads, “Oh, this old thing?” before your friends can even usher out the compliment.

 3.      The Sleek Blazer

 Overdressed where? And who!? The girl wearing this long-sleeved blazer is a serious fashionista who doesn’t see an issue with overdressing in the least. Pile on the sophistication unabashedly and layer with this amber blazer.

 Crushing on these colors and already thinking, “But I don’t think I can pull it off,”? These styling ideas should help you run wild and free in this sleek yet rugged amber color: 


It’s a color crush, not a first date! Go ahead and give it your best shot. Cupid would be so very proud! Remember to share the photos online and tag us!


Today’s color crush is sapphire blue! There’s something about the color that gives an ensemble automatic regality and drama! The feel falls somewhere between Disney Princess and supermodel. This why incorporating the color into your street style wardrobe is such a fabulous idea!

Check out the sapphire pieces we have for you to incorporate into your fall closet:

 1.     Tulle Skirt

 Step out in ballerina chic! This sapphire blue tulle skirt is meant to stand out.

2.     Chunky Knit Cardigan


This cardigan is quite the statement piece in this electrifying sapphire blue. Keep the chill off with a chill look!

 3.     Floral Jacquard Dress


 Date night is about to get its ante upped with this icy sapphire dress! Any neutral shoe will compliment this piece well!

 4.     Midi Skirts (Of course!)

 5.     And for those evenings when a simple midi skirt just won’t do…Voilà!


 See anything you like? Check out these outfit ideas: 

Now isn’t that just magical!? Happy styling!

Ever get bored with looking at your naked walls? Monotonous lamp in dim light? Besides getting up that pile of clothes you keep stepping over and straightening up the mountain of papers on your desk—here are a few ways to make your room more cozy and chic.

Your room should be as stylish as you right?

1)   Wall stickersss!



Wall stickers make a room more fun and sometimes more exotic. Add lovey-dovey, inspirational quotes or turn your own sanctuary with 3-D butterflies in delicious colors! IKEA and Target offer up a ton of pretty wall stickers and for your online shopping addicts, Amazon provides a plethora of wall decals. Get to sticking!

 2. Accent Pillows


 (viachloe and olive)

 Get a little bourgeoisie and keep things super cheap by snagging a few accent pillows. They may add the pop of color you need to rid your room of boring vibes! Go with pop art pillows. Pillows with embellishments like beads and sequins. Cool prints. Or mix all of these up for a hodge-podge of gorgeous pillow mania. Whatever your choice, the boring will fade away into obscurity.

 3. Art Work



Maybe Van Gogh and Da Vinci aren’t your thing and you feel absolutely nothing when you see any of those brilliant men’s work (um, me) but what about breathtaking landscape photography? Or cool artistic depictions of your favorite shows? Or beautiful splats of paint that mean absolutely nothing but boast color schemes that look amaze-balls? The possibilities are endless and more artists are coming forward with pop culture-inspired pieces.

 4. Replace that plain white lampshade with something cooler…

 You can get with this…


 (via overstock)



Or you can get with this…




The last one is totally where it’s at.

5. Simple Fix: Add an accent rug.



 Hardwood floors or nude-hued rug need a little more pizzazz? Drop a pretty rug down and you got it! The rug doesn’t even have to be “in your face” chic—just something simple to adds an extra kick of personality. You can change the entire mood of your room with a little rug brightening!

 6. Replace your plastic snooze fest storage bins with cute hat boxes.




Hint: Marshall’s and TJ Maxx are the best stores to find these lovely hat boxes.

 7. Adding candles always ups the ‘ambiance’



If you need to, buy the fake candles or get the wax burners operated by light bulbs. Just don’t burn the house down, please.

8. Paint a wooden chair for more seating.

  (viaDinas Days)


If you’re willing to get your DIY on (it usually depends on where my laziness falls on a scale of 1-sloth), then snag a plain wooden chair from a nearby thrift store and a can of paint.

 Cheat if you want and spray paint it! This allows you to give your room an additional pop of color or a metallic detail! And ya know what else you can do to make that chair the chic throne it was meant to be? An accent pillow to sit on! Aha! (Lightbulbs anyone?)

 9. Find a cute way to organize and display your pretty accessories and other accoutrements. Remember the sunglass rack DIY vid!?


 Happy decorating! 

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