Sometimes you want to wear an outfit that says, “Rawr!” And by ‘Rawr’, we mean a kick-butt look that catches eyes and takes no prisoners! It’s quirky. It’s fun. It’s a total tribute to the animal kingdom, since it’s served as the inspiration for many a’ print! So in the name of fashionable nature, here’s a list of pieces you can play with that serve oodles of animal kingdom chic! We’re sure you’ll get a kick out of these:

Chic Flamingos Pleated A-line Skirt

                                                                (Price: $42.42)

No longer reserved for fifties lawn ornaments in South Beach, flamingos are the new elegant yet exotic bird to pick for a fabulous print! Scarlet flamingos prance all over this classy pleated A-line midi skirt! Style this skirt however you like, but make sure nothing you wear it with steals the show from these pretty birds!

Feast of Chic Midi Skirt in Purple


                                                                  (Price: $44.97)

Yes, you see a crab—less ‘krusty’ and more chic! A crab, green peppers and onions make a lovely yet quirky print for this skirt! While not the typical print to pick, the fluorescent colors really make this skirt a winner! Tuck a graphic tee into this piece and wear dainty sneakers with it or go with strappy heels and a fancier blouse! This skirt also comes in an orange and green version!

Dragonfly Chiffon Top

                                                               (Price: $33.92)

I think it was the Spyro game that first showed me the beauty of dragonflies. I used to love watching dragonflies accompany Spyro on his many adventures and aside from butterflies, they’re the only bugs I even consider a beautiful vision! Now, watch them flit across this chiffon top, giving this a soft, sweet look! Pair this simplistic top with denim jeans and wooden wedges or slide into shorts and sandals! Your dragonfly ensemble will totally look summer-ready!

Oh Lovely Birdie Mesh A-line Skirt

                                                                (Price: $42.42)

With this pretty skirt, you’ll turn everyone you’re around into a bird watcher! For some of us girly girls, the closest we ever get to nature is a gorgeous print on a lovely skirt! The ‘Oh Lovely Birdie’ skirt is just what you need this spring to own the sidewalks this season! Style this skirt with a beautiful, ruffled crop top or a simple, sleeveless blouse! To give it a bit of a casual look, add a denim jacket into the mix!

Childlike Squirrels Pleated Skirt

                                                                   (Price: $44.97)

How many times will you really find a squirrel skirt? For any of you fashionistas that just think squirrels are soooo cute, this is the skirt for you! You’ll be dressed cute as a button with this playful spring skirt! Keep up with the theme and accessorize with our squirrel and nut collar studs to really complete your look!

Nature’s so fun and we may not get to head outside and enjoy it all the time, but we can certainly pay homage to it with our stylish threads!

Which fabulous piece would you select to pay homage to the animal kingdom!?



We’re headed toward the weekend with big smiles and happy hearts! It has been yet another marvelous week for Chic Wish thanks to you lovely, stylish, fabulous, amazing, super fly dolls! We always have so much fun with you! We hope you have your weekend stocked full with cool hang out sessions, great eats and even greater fashion—and you know we’re down to help you out with the latter!

Why don’t you run the town donned in lace this weekend? It’s great for those spring teas, cocktails and wedding parties! Lace is a fabric you can dress up or dress down! It’s the fabric our grandmothers trusted just as much to make for great years-long lasting curtains as they did to make delicate gloves! Lace is the fabric that turns a look into something fanciful with its intricate design and inherently feminine appeal!

It reads “sophisticated” and when you wear it with denim, it says “effortless” with a wink! 

My Dear Roses Lace A-line Midi Skirt in Pink


                                                        (Price: $52.90)

                     Blogger, Amanda Brezovsky, of


Amanda Brezovsky wore our Dear Roses lace midi skirt with such style! The pink-on-pink action is giving off all sorts of cotton candy vibes! It is a sugary sweet look indeed and her soft, relaxed bun provides the yummiest cherry on top!


Full of Grace White Lace Mesh


                                        Blogger, Annie, of

Our Full of Grace lace mesh dress with a floppy beach hat? It’s absolutely to die for! Hmm…wonder what shoes Annie styled this ensemble with before she went sauntering in the sand? Dainty flats maybe? Pumps? Sandals! Your look gorg, shoes or not sweets!

Angels Prayer Full Lace Maxi Dress in White


                                                                    (Price: $59.42)

                                   Satisfied customer styling it up in Madrid! Ciao, Bella!

We don’t know your name sweetheart, but you look like quite the casual and chic doll in this get-up! We love the Chuck Taylors with the camel-colored jacket! They totally dress down our Angels Prayer lace maxi dress! You look like you do ‘gorgeous’ on an everyday basis—sunnies included! Chic Wish-approved darling!

White Blossom Crochet Smock Top

                                                                         Price: $42.42

                                             Blogger, Meghan Zietz, of


It appears blogger, Meghan Zietz, opted for the casual route like our previous Travelista! She dressed the top down with denim cuffed jeans and stepped the entire look up with floral print pointed toe heels! To accompany our smock top, Meghan employed a black clutch! We love your entire ensemble and your wavy, red hair is so popping Meghan!

Flawless Baroque Lace Cutout Denim Shift Dress

                                                       (Price: $48.37)

                          Blogger, Adriana Contreras, of

If you’re not the full-out lace-loving type, then maybe you’d just like lace as a detail? Our flawless baroque lace cutout denim shift dress provides the appropriate mix of denim and lace in a flattering silhouette! It’s a fun, flirty and all-purpose dress! Super lovely!

Enjoy your weekend Chic Wish dolls! Do something fun and then share the photos—in our stunning threads of course! ; )


You fashionistas just keep wowing us with your impeccable street style! We do it all for you and the greatest reward is catching crazy beautiful shots of you ladies running the town in Chic Wish threads! Here are the Chic pics of the week and we must say ladies: You ROCKED it! With florals and flirty skirts and powerful trench coats, we’re pleased to see you ladies are styling the Chic Wish garments to stunning perfection!

Check out these great looks:

Black Rose Print Shorts

                                                             (Price: $38.17)

                                           Blogger, Steffy, of Steffy’s Pros & Cons

 Well, hello Steffy! Those black rose print shorts look wonderful on you and we’re adoring the way you styled them with a Beatles crop top and light, crocheted cardigan! The brown cross body and flats were the perfect touch! Who says you can’t mix brown and black in the same ‘fit!? With a cool hat and popping red lip, you’ve done it just magically!

 Knitted Skater Skirt


                                                         (Price: $38.17)

                                       Blogger, Nifesimi, of Skinny Hipster

The knitted skater skirt is a simplistic piece that requires great styling to really make it stand out and Nifesimi, you’ve done just that! With yellow and black striped pointed toe heels and midnight black sleeveless turtleneck, you look vibrant and spring ready! The bold, larger-than-life earrings and black clutch finish this look off with great polish! Chic, indeed—and your smile here is electrifying! Wherever you’re going with this fun get-up, we wish we’d been able to tag along!

 Textured Belted Trench Coat in Grey

                                                           (Price: $67.92)

                                     Blogger, Krystin Lee, of Suburban Faux Pas

Spring has officially arrived, but that does not mean we are packing up trench coats until fall returns! With the flip-flop weather, a stylish trench coat is a must-have! Our textured belted trench coat in grey is just perfect for mixing with neutrals as Krystin Lee has done above! The grey-on-grey is just gorgeous, Krystin, and the gingham pants totally make this look sleek, trendy and sophisticated! Great backless open-toed ankle boots! We don’t know where you went dressed to kill in this ensemble but we’re pretty sure there were no survivors because you slayed them all!

Like the lovely ensembles you see featured in this week’s Chic picks? Check out this cool slide show to get the Chic Wish pieces from this list along with styling tips:

Like what you see? Keep submitting your lovely shots via our social media pages and you could end up on our list!

Enjoy and stay chic!


It’s time for the Chic picks of the week!!!

I guess I went relaxed this week! Though I love all of my floral maxi dresses, elaborate heels and snug fits, I can always appreciate a loose fit with a dash of youthful quirkiness! I also deeply appreciate details that allow a fashionista to show off some skin (who doesn’t want to get a little sexy from time to time?) while maintaining a certain amount of modesty! When it comes to fashion, it only takes one inch too short or one cut-out too many to turn a classy ensemble into a trashy costume—and we reserve those for Halloween only! LOL!

Every week, I get to ogle over the new Chicwish goodies and I swear their garments never disappoint! From cut-outs to cold shoulders to daisies, I couldn’t get enough of these hot-to-trot pieces:

#1 Grey Cutout Shoulder Knit Top

                                                                (Price: $42.42)

This grey cut-out shoulder knit top is so summer chic! I love that the top is designed with neutral colors because white and grey provide lots of styling flexibility! Soft pastels would work here just as well as bright, bold hues! A pair of rich orange flared pants with pointed toe heels peeking through is exactly where I’d take this pretty top! You?

#2 Daisy Grids Dolly Dress in Navy

                                                                      (Price: $50.92)


I love floral embroidery as much as I love a great floral print and this dress serves up the sweetest dose! With a soft, ruffled hemline and t-shirt style sleeves silhouette, what’s not to love? It’s perfect for an outing that calls for a little casual chic! Style with platform sneakers and a cross body bag if you’re feeling daring and trendy. Go for sleek, pointed toe flats for a sleek, clean look!

#3 When Casual Calls Oversize Shirt Dress in Wine

                                                               (Price: $44.97)

The only thing I love better than fine wine is the wine hue on a gorgeous dress so this When Casual calls dress totally hits my eye the right way! I blogged about the T-shirt dress trend previously, and it still stands that it’s a super versatile dress that fits for any fashionista no matter the style!

#4 Flamingo Full Lace Waterfall Dress in Black

                                                                      (Price: $50.92)

This flamingo lace waterfall lace serves up boho chic mixed with Morticia tease, don’t you agree? The dress comes in white, grey, and flamingo pink but this black version simply has me mesmerized! Style this with ankle boots and put your hair up in a high bun to give the lace look a little edge!

Do you love any of our chic picks of the week? Maybe you’ll find a new favorite with these styling options down below:

Which look are you feeling!?

Stay chic and enjoy!

On Wednesdays, we wear pink.

The phrase has long been one of the most recycled quotes from the cult classic movie that is Mean Girls. Eleven years later and it’s bigger than it ever was. We still feel smug satisfaction when we come across the “You Can’t Sit with Us” phrase plastered across a t-shirt or hat because deep down? There are a few people in our lives we’d love to turn down in the cafeteria—or at least in the break room at work.

The Plastics? They were horrible chicks but actually quite funny, if only situationally. Admit it, we really only hated Regina George. I mean, really, am I the only girly-girl who secretly exhaled when Cady began her dramatic descent into her full-out Plastic position? Face it. She did dress light years better.

Lol, oh and can I admit whenever I coincidentally wear pink on Wednesdays, the infamous phrase runs through my mind and I laugh out loud? That phrase still keeps its cool today because of the millions of global glam girls who unapologetically adore the hue.

                         Blogger, Caitlin Lindquist, of

 So in honor of the movie that appealed to misfits, geeks and real-life plastics everywhere? This Wednesday, we’re doing pink! If you’re not with the wagon then have several seats, ya know, just not with us. ; )

 Cheers to PINK. It forever remains a spring color that always adds the dose of femininity your closet needs! Here are a few ways you can wear the prettiest pink items from the Chic Wish stash!

To get the pink pieces shown above and MORE, take a look-see down below:

See anything you like?

Happy Wednesday!

The week has come to an end and it has been yet another wonderful week concerning all things style, fashion and Chic! Finally, we are in the swing of spring and thoroughly enjoying the style flexibility that the changing weather affords us—yes, even when the flip-flop weather teases our allergies! So, sneezes or not, we’re giving you our Chic picks of the week for spring based on the weather, the colors and you know, our mood!

Check them out:

#1 Watercolor Floral Print Skirt Set

                                                     (Jacket  $50.92, Skirt $42.42)

The watercolor floral print skirt set totally still has our heart! There’s just something about the primary colors washed onto the fabric so beautifully! These floral print pieces are strong all on their own but together, this skirt set is just a visual force to be reckoned with! You’re guaranteed to own every side walk and every hallway with this number!

#2 Cool Summer Flower Deep-V Playsuit

                                                                 (Price: $46.67)

Ah, the playsuit or ‘romper’ as some call it! It’s always a sure-fire plan for the days you’d like to look super chic and elegant without putting in too much styling effort! Just step into your single-pieced playsuit and pull out a pair of your favorite heels and you’re ready to rock and roll! Our Cool Summer floral print playsuit provides such a refreshing look with its soft blue hue and deep neckline! It’ll make for a cool summer indeed!

#3 Pixel Flowers Pleated Skirt in Black

                                                                (Price: $38.17)

Our pixel floral print skirt is just the coolest thing! With its adorable silhouette and digital pixelated print, this skirt is sure to make all the boys fall head over heels in computer love with you! This black beauty also comes in a white version that we’re sure you’ll love! Are we the only ones that think of the movie Pixel Perfect when we look at this? Okay, maybe it’s just us. Lol, I suppose it’s now you too!

#4 Exotic Amorous Floral Prom Dress

                                                                  (Price: $59.42)

Fashionistas everywhere have begun taking up with the dark florals trend! Our Exotic Amorous floral dress is definitely serving up a little Stepford Wives tease with its dark floral print, don’t you think? Take on the traditional dress of the world’s craziest feminine bunch and one of spring’s most favored prints with this lovely A-line piece! Simply dazzling!

#5 Cheer Red Chiffon Cropped Top


                                                               (Price: $36.47)

Don’t sleep on the crop tops! They’ve become a summer wardrobe staple over the last few years, largely due to their simplicity and styling flexibility! You can pretty much never have too many! Our Cheer crop tops are out and available in this lovely Cherry red, white and black! Rack up! 

Lol, so it is pretty safe to say florals are the move for spring! Whether pixelated or painted as watercolors, nothing else says spring quite like florals!

Which pieces will you be added to your spring street style!? We say you’ll be a winner and stone cold fox while wearing all five!


It looks like we’ve gotten ourselves into a real midi situation—and we’re LOVING it!

Our printed flared midi skirts have become a fashionista favorite because of the elegance and fun they bring to a girl’s closet! These things are just a’ flyin’ off the shelves! You fair ladies are tagging us daily with flicks of your fabulous ‘fits and we simply cannot get enough of oogling over your great personal style! We’re honored we could help! Has the flared midi skirt in all its retro, vintage and feminine glory become one of your signature looks? Are you stopping traffic with your printed hemline blowing in the wind? Well you fabulous midi maven you, we can so see why! They are so Carrie Bradshaw, so inherently feminine and so undeniably chic!

If you’re one of the fashionistas who hasmarveled at our midi skirts with an unsure eye and need a little push, then look no further than these fabulous looks by the reputable blogger, Mayo Wo, and gorgeous satisfied customer Jiayue Wan. Both lovely ladies wore our skirts with such style and class that we would be doing quite the disserviceif we did not show them off to you!

Endless Lavender Romance


                                           Blogger, Mayo Wo, of

Mayo Wo styled the Endless Lavender Romance beauty with a white crop top featuring sheer cutouts, a floppy hat and ankle strap sandals! She’s spring ready indeed! It’s not every day you spot a lavender field walking your way so she’s been a welcome floral diversion for sure! Chic, right!?

                                Blogger, Mayo Wo of MellowMayo.comPrice: $46.00

Well doesn’t Mayo Wo look like the visual manifestation of the mostbeautiful song in our Dance with Music Notes midi skirt? Here, she opted for a casual grey cropped tee and adorable pointed toe heels featuring a subtle bow on the straps! With a red lip and sunglasses in tow, we know the amount of double takes she received on this day totally TRIPLED!

Thanks Mayo Wo for all the love you show to Chic Wish! You do it with so much style, girl! 

                                                   Jiayue Yuan, Satisfied Customer

You can style these skirts in so many ways! Pull out those leather jackets, cropped and denim tops and your favorite tanks for a barrage of bold look remixes! Slide into flats, heels and sandal because no matter where you’re stepping and what you’re stepping in, these stare-worthy skirts will surely help you hold onto your jewel-encrusted crown as the Midi Maven around town! Wanna test out your chic with Endless Lavender Romance, Dance with Music Notes or Turn Back Time? Just click the pictures up above and you’ll be where you need to be to get the skirts you needed to have months ago! ; )

Enjoy these skirts, loves! We assure you—we’re jusssst getting started!

Happy Spring and Summer!

The boho chic trend is still going strong out here on these fashionable streets. Yeah, it’s been around awhile. You can pretty much spot out the trend, which is a blend of bohemian and hippie influence, by the footprints of details like fringe, suede, crocheted lace, embroidery, flowers and long, flowing fabrics. It’s also a nature-influenced style so you’d be hard-pressed to find a boho chic section in any store that lacks flowers and faux-hides.

                                                     Blogger, Annie, of

                                                   Got a Date Mint Lace Dress, $67.92

 So if you find yourself newly smitten by fringe (like us) or falling for crochet lace kimonos, then you just might be bitten by the boho bug! And Chicwish’s new arrivals are bound to keep you lovesick, as we’ve gone boho chic bonkers with dresses, cardigans and tops that seventies hippies would kill to time travel and wear.

                          Blogger, Shanna, of

                                 Tribal Boho Embroidered Top, $33.92

The boho chic always looks like natural, homegrown chic---as though you rolled over, grabbed the first thing out of your wardrobe and it just so happened to be absolutely gorgeous. It also has the benefit of being versatile enough to look entirely fairy-esque and enchanting one moment and super backwoods the next. The style always manages to make you look like you just left from cozying up beachside while engrossed in a heavy novel. It’s just an incredible trend that offers effortless fab with an unfailing track record.

                                Blogger, Alexandra Pereira, of
                                 Greenery Embroidered Mid-Sleeve Top, $36.47

Check out Chicwish’s newest and best boho chic offerings! Your friends won’t know how the heck you do it:

The black and white color combo is one that can be much fun to style with! It’s super traditional, classic and almost too hard to get wrong—unless of course you’re so traditional that you teeter-totter on the Boring fence and eventually fall over in black and white monotony. Yeah, don’t do that.

Find a way to make black and white the fun, exciting and sophisticated combination of shades it can certainly be. To help you along, I’ve come up with 4 ways to transform your black and white style combinationsfrom bland to breathtaking! Check it out:

#1 Try Stand-Out Accessories

                      Swing Keyboard Pleated Crepe Dress, $50.92

Accessories always do the outfit-carrying and if ever you find yourself stuck in a styling rut, then take a look at your collection of accessories to pull you right out. Adding a statement necklace here and ring there has been the life-saver for many a’ boring ensembles so let it work wonders for your black and white palette!  

#2 Go super minimal!

                               Bead the Grace Wool Blend Dolly Dress, $64.52


If taking it old school and simple is really your style, then do it so well that we go, “Bomb!” instead of “Bleh”! The trick is to have your black and white pieces be as sophisticated as they are subtle. As luxurious as they are traditional. As fabulous as they are simplistic. Go super minimal and really let a simple piece do the talking. The trick is to find a silhouette that most flatters your figure and styling it with quality accessories that don’t entirely steal the show, but compliment perfectly!

 #3 Incorporate Prints!

If you ask me, black and white is loads more fun when you pack on the prints! From stripes to polka dots to gingham to paisley, there are plenty of chic prints to play with even when you’re sticking to neutral shades!You can even opt for the classic LBD with a black and white printed shoe!

               Twirling Flower Crochet Mesh Dress in Black,$59.42

#4 Try Black & White Accessories with your ‘All Black Everything’

‘All black everything’ certainly has this mysterious allure to it that reads ‘effortless sophistication’, but maybe it’s time to step out in something just a little different from your usual MO. Add an interesting twist to your ensemble by trying black and white accessories with your all black look! It’s an interesting visual showing off tons of style acumen and personality! Not everyone can pull this one off. Will you try your hand at this fun styling method?

                             Slouchy Off-Shoulder Top in Black, $36.47


It’s just as easy to get black and white super boring as it is to get it incredibly right! Reference these style tips when you want to try out the color combination and need a few ideas for a chic transformation from ‘bland’ to ‘breathtaking’!


Fringe, it seems, has been around for EVER!The natives sported it on jackets, skirts and moccasins. Today, we wear them on everything from heels to dresses to leather jackets to skirts to kimonos! We love the way fringe moves with us as we saunter from place to place and we love the sense of culture it provides as we channel our inner Eskimo and Native American! Some of us even love it on our home décor items because it just adds to the earthy yet modern ambience we love to create.

There’s just something about fringe that screams ‘natural’ and ‘care-free’.

                Camel Fringe Shoulder Bag
                           (Price: $33.92)

                                  Swinging Sheer Lace Longline Cardigan

                                                       (SALE Price: $29.90)

Whether just for visual kicks or being functional (fringe was originally created with a utilitarian purpose—to shed rain and allow wet clothes to dry faster), this trendsticks around— serving up chic garment after garment and accessory after accessory.

                                  Delicate Hand-knit Fringe Cape in Off-White
                                                            (Price: $42.42)

Use the fringe trend to get your boho chic tease on and let your fringe tops be as versatile as you need them to be for your spring and summer outings. Crochet tops featuring fringe are great for storing over cut-off shorts, using as a simple dress depending on the length or doubling as a bathing suit cover-up!

                                        Daisy Floral Crochet Fringe Top
                                                     (Price: $38.17)

Fringe is always super festive and can be worn casually to the beach or more dressed up to an evening cocktail party! 

Its versatility is exactly why we are still going ga-ga over this trend! Are you sold on fringe yet?

Psst…All of these fringe items are available right here on so make a wish and then  click on your favorite pieces to make it ensure it comes true! 

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