Travelista: (n) pronounced trah-vell-lee-stah; def: One who travels the world near and far seeing and experiencing new things—and all in style!

Is that you? Is that the ‘you’ you’ll be next year or once you graduate school or once you get that new awesome gig? We’re with ya! We believe the best parts of life involve expanding your mental world by seeing much of the real world. Do you dream of trekking through the Himalayas? Or scoring an epic photograph of a stunning waterfall? Or dining on the balcony of a restaurant in Italy as you overlook the most breathtaking landscape ever? What about walking up to the Eiffel Tower in Paris and singing Beyoncé’sDéjà vu at the top, like me?

Skipping from state to state or country to country is a pastime for many and these four Chic Wish pieces serve as a lovely reminder of somewhere you’ve been or inspiration for you to tack a new destination onto your bucket list! Check them out:

Bon Voyage Ruffled Chiffon Skirt + Top

                                                        (Top: $42.42, Skirt: $44.97)

As the product description says, this skirt set is most definitely unlike anything you’ve got hanging in your closet! The vintage map print of the world stretches across every inch of the chiffon fabric—not excluding the girly ruffles! This skirt set is sure to represent your adventurous personality and to celebrate your passion for landing your feet on every part of the world!  If the map print is too much of an overload for you, then split the pieces up and wear them with additional separates.

New Swan Stone Castle Pleated Midi Skirt

                                                                    (Price: $46.00)

I bet you didn’t know Germany’s a country littered with the most beautiful castles in the world, did you? It’s okay. We normally think of France and maybe, Italy when we think of great castles. The New Swan Stone Castle featured in this landscape print midi skirt is a lovely representation of the actual castle located in Bavaria!

Night Skyline of London

                                                                              (Price: $48.00)

Plenty of people will tell you that there’s not many night skylines that can compete with the bright, beautiful one in London. Maybe that’ll be your next destination! For now, wear it around your hemline!

Need a little more travel inspiration? Check out some of these potential bucket list add-ons:

Ahh, the classic shift dress. : )

It’s the simplest silhouette with the most iconic impact. A mom and a college freshman can both wear the shift dress—showing off their fabulous legs while looking totally age-appropriate. During chillier months, we layer them like crazy with outerwear, stockings and boots to ward off the cutting wind. The spring and summer, however, always summon the sexier side of the shift dress.

                                         Pearly Neckline Shift Dress in Hot Pink

                                                                    Price: $44.97

Yes, the shift dress enjoys its best days between Easter and August’s end! This means NOW is the perfect time to show off those legs you’ve been hiding from the world for months! Leave the stockings home and step out in a fabulous shift dress without worrying about goosebumps making an appearance! Have a little fun—and do it with the ease of a shift dress!

                                         Full Flower Cut Crochet Blue Dress
                                                               Price: $56.90

Parade around with an effortless shift dress while you let a bold print or texture steal the show. You may also color-block the shift dress in a solid hue with strappy open-toed sandals to tease passers-by with your lovely pedicure that says, “Yes! Spring is totally HERE!’

                                 Belted Scroll Hem Shift Dress in Wine
                                                           Price: $44.97

Go ahead and get started by checking out these styling inspirations for Chic Wish’s fab shift dress offerings.


Like what you see?

Well, of course, we’ve got tons more in store for you!

Order one for you, your bestie and maybe even your bombshell mom. ; )

Spring is officially here! The first week of April is almost complete. We just passed the Easter weekend in all of our pastel’d and poofy dress glory. Sigh. Life seems like it’s gotten back to normal again now that we can have our legs out and wear sleeveless cardigans! We’re jam-packing each week with all the styles we’ve been yearning for all winter long and there are a few trends we don’t want you to forget to pull out of your stylish bag of tricks!
Dig in!

#1. Light Blue

                          Blossoming Lace Flare Dress in Baby Blue
                                                           (Price: $59.42)

Powder blue. Mint blue. Baby blue. Light blue. Whatever you’re calling it, just know that fashionistas everywhere are crushing hard on this delicious color! From flirty dresses to bold culottes to sweet tops, Chicwish has all of the light blue you’ll need!

#2 Minimalist Pieces

                             Lacey Oversize Shirt Dress in White
                                                               (Price: $42.42)

Believe it or not, the minimalist trend isn’t dying down this spring with fashionistas opting for monochromatic ensembles and looks that don’t feature a lot of bells and whistles. One day you may want to go with a totally print-blocked look and the next? You just may want to tone everything down several levels and be a softer fashion killer, lol. We agree that sometimes, less is much more which is why we’ve got a plethora of subtly impactful pieces!

#3 Chunky Heels

                               Black Lace Up Cut Out Peep Toe Sandals
                                                                     (Price: $56.02)

Platform and chunky heels are BACK from the nineties and fashion lovers have been giving them a pretty warm welcome—wearing them with maxi dresses, short circle skirts and jumpsuits! Browse through our shoes to see which chunky heel’s going to tickle your fancy the most! Cher and Dionne from the 90’s television show, Clueless, would be oh so very proud!

 #4 Holographic Accessories

                               Crocodilian Leather Metallic Clutch
                                                             (Price: $38.17)

We think this trend is the slowest burning one of all, but we’re not giving up on it in the least! Holographic accessories add in the edgiest and most futuristic element despite the affinity for vintage pieces that top designers seem to never be able to shake. Rita Ora wore a full-out holographic skirt set last year and while we don’t exactly think the trend is exactly going in that direction, we do think there’s a place for holographic accessories in today’s fashion wave! Ora’s skirt set might have been hologram overload, but she later wore an all white look with a holographic clutch that went over much, much better! Expect this trend to creep its way in!

Each of these trends are easy to implement and tons of fun to play with! Switch up your style from day to day with these trends and we promise, you’ll never be bored with your closet.

You know, at least until it’s time for summer ; ).

Which chic trend are you up for trying out this year? I encourage you to experiment with them all!

The Average Joes and Janes in the world generally associates the color ‘grey’ with clouds and business suits only. They might even connect the color to a certain season of the year—usually fall or winter. Fashionistas like us with closets filled to the brim with chic threads and fashion magazines spread across our bedspreads? We know much, much better.

                     Inspirational Double Breasted Mac Coat in Grey
                                                               Price: $67.92

Grey can be mysterious. It’s almost always sleek and simplistic. It’s playful when we need it to be and sophisticated in the most dapper way when we want it. It’s a color that’s appropriate for most settings and occasions.

                                         I AM AWESOME Printed Sweat Top

                                                                 Price: $50.92

We can do the subtle, serious shade with any colors we wish (pastels, primaries, secondaries, metallics) and in whatever styling methods we desire. In any season we want.

                           Simple Grey Top with Crochet Collar

                                                               Price: $36.47

This spring, as we pack our suitcases for festivals, dress up for Easter and head out on the town for spring and summer’s most anticipated outings---consider taking grey along for the ride, will ya?

And if your grey collection is low like mine and you need to fill up? Chicwish is prepared and happy to present your closet with these four new fabulous grey pieces. Check out our slideshow down below which features a few styling options for wearing the all-purpose shade this spring!!                                           Doing Grey For Spring with by shequayzy on

The Average Joes and Janes will surely thank you later for showing them something other than cloudy days as you turn grey into a humble hue that brings just as fun as a poppy red, tangerine or electric yellow!


Are you a sunglass fiend? In the springtime, at the very least?

Well, just in case you haven’t found a neater way to store those sunnies or a cooler way to display them in your sleeping quarters—we’ve got you covered with an über-chic way to store those fabulous sunglasses that you keep buying and piling up on the dresser drawers in your room. My personal dilemma began after I collected one too many sunglasses. I always sloshed them around in my jewelry box, letting them overflow all over my dresser top.

                                                        (Photo Credit:

It was “working” well enough until I noticed a scratch on my beloved pair of metallic cat eye sunglasses. I bought them a year ago and have worn them under 10 times. This spring, I definitely planned to get a bit more wear out of those beauties—especially since metallic is trending so heavily this year.

But that freaking scratch…ugh.

It’s kind of derailed my styling plans, as I can’t see very well through those sunnies anymore. Another one bites the dust and I suppose I’ll find about 5 more to replace the lost one, lol. But you know what Chic wish friends? I plan to never let that happen again—at least not due to my own disorganization and carelessness. You see, sexy sunglasses are serious business.

I came up with an idea to hang my sunglasses up on a rack in my closet where they’ll be safe and scratch-free. I wanted them to be sturdy, without too much movement as they’re stored away. I also wanted an option that would give me room to keep adding to my budding collection.

Check out the sunglass storage idea I came up with that cost me less than $15.00 to make:

I hung my rack up using only two pushpins (yes the ones you push into corkboards)—placing them just under the first grid line. Believe it or not, those two pushpins hold up the sunglass rack with no problem. I chose to hang mine up in my closet because I like keeping all of my “pretty things” together, but you guys may hang them in your main bedroom or elsewhere in your home! This project was super fun to make and just think---I did it with spray paint and a storage rack!

Give it try!

P.S. Need more sunglasses to complete your collection? So do I. Chicwish has the coolest sunglasses available and some are more than 50% off the original price! Check out this slide show of great deals of stylish sunnies, then pick your favorites to add to the beautiful DIY rack you make!  

So our new arrivals are FINALLY in and we’re excited to present them to you with an EXTRA discount! You guys have fawned over and voted for this gorgeous goodies so we’re glad to not make you wait even longer! We’ve also even got a few stylish surprises on our site that you might have missed!

And to kick you off in the right shopping direction, we’ve pulled our top four Chicwish picks from the new spring arrivals! We’ve out done ourselves, if I do say so myself! Check them out down below:

Exotic Blooms Maxi Full Skirt

                                                           (Price: $59.98)
This lovely Exotic blooms maxi skirt is definitely worth a few ‘Wows’ with its lush pink and red hues in a large bold print! Thought we’ve pretty much mastered the flared midi dress, we think the spring and summer seasons will warmly welcome a lovely long maxi skirt! It flares out just enough to give you a queenly sway without making your strut difficult! Gorgeous!

Sprite Valley Chiffon Cape Dress

                                                            (Price: $36.47)
We could carry our favorite winter trend with us into spring! We’re quite pleased to offer you this short and breezy cape dress in this ice orange with its sherbet appeal!! It also comes in passionate red and midnight black! Style them with floral ankle strap sandals and let your favorite clutch tag along!

Full Flower Crochet Top and Skirt Set in Blue

                                                            (Price: $61.97)
Nothing says ‘vintage’ quite like a skirt set. It served as the sidewalk and special event uniform for our grandmothers and mothers! Today, we still wear them to work, to religious ceremonies and other special occasions. Now the vintage skirt set has re-visited us in a much more casual way and with a modern floral crochet twist! Style your skirts with pointed toe flats for comfort or platform heels for ‘glam’! Let a cute cross-body bag and spring-ready sunnies accompany your look! Easter’s right around the corner and this skirt set will suit the occasion perfectly!

Endless Lavender Romance Pleated Midi Skirt

                                                                 (Price: $39.00)
We wanted to bring you a maxi skirt but we couldn’t forget what you know and love us for---flared midi skirt! Our Endless Lavender Romance pleated and flared midi skirt is a flirtatious beauty that’ll allow people to feel like the even smell lavender when they see you coming! Check out a styling option we created for you down below:

I decided to overload on the purple because, well, why not? Long gone are the days that we fear “matchy-matchy” or ‘monochromatic” as it’s formerly coined. These days, the monochromatic look is trending heavily. I thought I’d ease you in by making only the bottom half of this look purple and the accessories? Fair? I pulled a pair of deep metallic purple pumps and a matching fringe cross-body bag! I then ‘casualized’ (yes, that’s a made up word) the look with a plain white crop top to tone down the purple binge!  You like?

 See any closet must-haves on our Top Picks list? Click the photos above and you’ll be taken straight to their page to pick your size proceed to your shopping cart!


Spring 2015 runways pretty much set the tone for all sorts of trends! Normally, about five trends are definitely going to be everywhere—as in music videos, red carpets, street style, Instafashion and your local malls! It’ll get to be almost be gag-worthy how much you’ll see the top trends of the season. And the other five trends (yes, the designer runways yield that many)? Well, they’ll be the ones just subtle enough to be well-welcomed staples and simple enough that everyone can do them with a style all their own.

The shirt dress will join the latter set of trends as it provides so much styling versatility and can itself be designed in a plethora of ways. So get in on the shirt dress trend and let it elevate your daily casual wear with these stylish options available on Chicwish:

Autumn Breeze Shirt Dress with Cutout Waist

                                                               (Price: $42.42)

The name of this dress may be “Autumn” Breeze, but we assure you that it’s entirely spring-appropriate! This shirt dress is just thin enough to block the wind from yielding goosebumps on your arms in A/C-filled spaces without causing you to break a sweat as you stroll outside in the summer heat. The sexy string-tied cut out detail is what really makes it visually interesting and cool. This dress is pretty playful and its simplicity makes it versatile enough that you can style it and accessorize it however you’d like. Style this dress with nude ankle strap sandals or pointed toe metallic pumps for an edgy look! You can also unbutton the dress all the way down and use it as an extra layer-- placing it over a crop top and shorts! Both ways allow you to get bold with a statement necklace that’ll give the look a chic, clean finish! You simply cannot go wrong with this winner.

Cutout Shoulder Blue Striped Shirt Dress

                                                               (Price: $39.87)

With this shirt dress, you get to do two trends in one! The shoulders were a serious point of interest on the runway this year, as they allow you to show off a little skin in a way that’s a tad more bashful than midriff-debuting crop tops! You can wear this shirt dress as a top and place your favorite ankle-length denim skinnies underneath while stepping your feet into a pair of rugged ankle boots for an effortlessly chic look. Also add in a thin, barely-there belt to cinch and accentuate the waist! You may also slide into fashionable sneakers or flats to keep this dress as casual as can be!

Doggie Print Shirt Dress

                                                    (Price: $19.90)

Our lovely doggie print shirt dress is fun with its quirky print and offers a more generous length that makes this dress great for wearing in numerous settings! Give this dress a pop of color by incorporating a bold shoe or go with a more demure look and do nude heels! Continue the fun with one of our personality-boasting sunglasses and a cross-body bag that’ll help you tote your stuff in style! This sweet dress is also available in black!
Which shirt dress would you wear this season?

I always say that accessories are fashion’s confetti! They really accentuate even our simplest garments and get the visual party popping! When your ensemble is ‘under-styled’, it’s usually missing a statement necklace or the perfect cross-body bag or the right amount of midi rings. Accessories allow us to take a black dress that about 300 hundred other women looked up online and ordered---and make it totally our own!
Without accessories, an ensemble is a cake with no icing. A crowded party with no music. I mean how else can you show off your personal style? So, with that being said, we’ve pulled the top four easy accessories that’ll instantly elevate your style this spring! You’ll be happy you scooped yourself a few of these:

#1 Trendy, Nostalgic Bucket Bags

Retro Floral Cutout Bucket Bag in White

                                                               (Price: $67.92)

Bucket bags have actually been around since the early 90’s! From Full House’s DJ to Tia & Tamera on Sister Sister, our favorite sitcom fashionistas toted them up and down the high school hallways! Now, they make for the most fabulous blast from the past yet and are back to tagging along with us everywhere we go! The Chic Wish bucket bag has been given a solid update with its cut-out floral pattern!

#2 Stylish Hats!

Along with crochet tops and denim cut-offs, no other fashion piece says ‘music-festival-ready’ quite like a floppy hat! The stylish hat gives you the down-to-earth boho chic look you seek without losing a drop of casual luxe! Wear it with your crochet tops and cut-offs or your loosely-fitted jumpsuits for a look that reads ‘effortlessly chic’!
We offer the wool blend floppy hat in the traditional camel hue as well as the ever classic and mysterious black!

 Chicwish Wool Blend Floppy Hat

                                                   (Price: $29.67)


Chicwish Black Bow Floppy Hat

(Price: $27.97)

#3 Personality Sunnies

Add a sleek pair of sunglasses to the mix and you’re ready to stand outside in the sticky hot sun at any music festival and cheer on every band in the line-up looking absolutely fab! Whether you’re going for Old Hollywood, the roaring twenties or the flaming 80’s—there’s a perfect pair of sunglasses that suit your ensemble with an incredibly clean finish! A fan favorite is our dark amber kitten cat eye sunglasses. They’ve got vintage appeal and the ‘cat eye’ shape exudes femininity and edge!

 Dark Amber Kitten Cat Eye Sunglasses

                                                              (Price: $19.47)

#4 Fun, Quirky Jewelry

Jewelry will always be the go-to accessory for sprucing up an ensemble. On occasions when personality sunnies might not exactly fit, there’s always fabulous jewelry that suit the moment and elevate an ensemble!! This spring, it’s all about mixing seriously trendy styles with playful, quirky pieces! Add fun, quirky jewelry to even your sharpest LBD to lighten up the mood of your look!
You can add in a little sprinkle of color with our double layered bottle necklace…


Double layered Bottle Necklace

                                                            (Price: $13.52)
…or incorporate our more subtle golden star fish ring!

 Golden Starfish Ring

                                                              (Price: $10.12)

Either way, you get to provide a fun visual representation of your personality!
It’s time to take your kick-back closet into rave-worthy chic and you can do it effortlessly with these accessory trends! Check out this cool styling idea featuring a few of the accessory trends:

I pulled a pair of our Chic Wish culottes in a precious icy blue color and a Mickey Mouse crop top to add in a little fun! To keep the fun going for spring, I pulled a pair of black personality sunnies, our Chic Wish pointed toe black flats and the Chic Wish wool black hat! It’s a fun look that’s definitely warm-weather-ready!


We’re in the swing of college and high school spring break and tons of our Chic Wish fashionistas are packing to head to the sunniest beach they can find with groups of their fabulous friends! Whether you’re heading to glossy beaches of Italy with the softest sand (and hottest guys) in the world or you’re going down under on the shores of Australia, Chic Wish has you covered with all of the Spring Break essentials! Chillax and plan out your fashionable suitcase with our lovely list of spring break must-haves! Check it out:

Spotlight Stripes Self-tie Maxi Dress

                                                             (Price: $59.42)
Every vacay suitcase is made complete with a maxi dress or two! They’re perfect for placing over your bikinis when you’re heading out to stroll across the boardwalk before hitting up the beach! They’re also an easy-to-slip-into garment when you need to head out, catch the breeze, and look effortlessly beautiful! All you need is the right sandal and simple jewelry to pull off the goddess-worthy maxi dress!

Personas Forest Print Crop Top

                                                               (Price: $33.07)
The beach is pretty sure to be hot and with you jumping in and out of the water throughout your spring break vacation, you’ll be needing fashionable pieces that can be mixed and matched! You’ll be best served if you pack your suitcase with crop tops! They go well with skirts, pants, denim cut-offs and whatever other bottom you’d like to throw them under! You can dress them up with heels or dress them down with slides! For those days that you and your crew go zip-lining or roller-skating on the Venice Beach boardwalk, grab your crop top for instant chic!

Silver Holographic Cross Strap Sandals

                                                              (Price: $44.97)

Sandals are a must for vacay! Take the rubber flip-flops for trekking through the sand at the beach and when you’re heading out to bar-hop with the girls, slip into our super cool holographic sandals! The holographic trend has been slowly picking up momentum! Start with these fab sandals from Chic Wish!

Rose Print Shorts in Off-White

                                                               (Price: $38.17)
You’ll need great bottoms to pair with those many crop tops stuffed into your suitcase! Try this light and airy pair of rose floral print shorts! The print and cut of these shorts make them uber-feminine that will move as you move and keep you cool in the process! Pair them with your crop tops and flats for moments during your vacation that require a casual ensemble!

Aviator Sunglasses in Yolk

                                                          (Price: $21.17)
Who doesn’t need fabulous sunnies? They’re just as necessary during a sunny winter day as they will be during your spring break! Grab as many as you can and start with our fabulous aviator sunglasses in this passionate orange and yellow tint! Pull your hair up in a bun to show off the frames’ entirety! These sunglasses scream ‘Chic!’ and ‘Fun!’! Wear them on the beach! Wear them as you saunter through the local shops! Wear them as you ride around the city! They’ll always be fabulous!

Cheerful Daisy Beads Stud Earrings

                                                            (Price: $8.42)

And lastly, don’t forget to bring festive spring-appropriate accessories to elevate your ensembles even the more! Start with our cheerful daisy beads stud earrings and bring flowers with you on your vacay! 

Maybe you don’t want to bring sand to the beach, but you can definitely bring all types of chic with these stylish selections!

Enjoy your spring break and stay safe!

We are totally sitting back and enjoying the lovely spring-ish weather that winter blesses us with as we get into March full swing! It’s almost time for those 11 am brunches that we totally love to attend when the weather is warm and ready for us to step out in stocking-less dresses that capture the spring breeze with all ease! Chic Wish has you covered with the most fabulous brunch-ready midi dresses! These flared beauties provide the class of Breakfast at Tiffany’s Audrey Hepburn mixed with a dash of the pearl-wearing Mrs. Cleaver. We can’t get enough of their feminine elegance!

The woman who graces the room in a flared midi dress is a well put together bombshell with the grace of an Egyptian cat and taste of the highest of socialites! Attend your next spring soiree or brunch in these lovely flared midi dresses:

Rainbow of Butterfly Printed Midi Dress in Black

                                                             (Price: $39.90)

Doesn’t this rainbow butterfly print flared midi dress have spring written all over its skirt? It’s a fun, flirty skirt with lots of passionate movement! Style this dress with red lips, strappy heels that highlight a color in the dress and just the right jewelry! You’ll be the belle of the ball in the most beautiful butterfly print dress!

Miss Cherry Pie Belted Midi Dress in White

                                                           (Price: $59.42)

Well isn’t this dress as sweet as warm, cherry pie? It’s a fresh look that’s as classic as Old Hollywood and entirely spring-ready! Highlight the soft femininity of this dress with dainty ankle strap heels and a simple hairstyle!

Exotic Amorous Floral Prom Dress

                                                             (Price: $59.42)

Romance is as romance does with this lovely amorous floral print flared midi dress! It’s brunch-worthy, date-worthy and appropriate for just about any occasion that welcomes a touch of class! The sheen of the fabric gives this dress a luxurious look and feel that can only be elevated with the right pair of heels and clutch!

Dreaming of Hana Printed Prom Dress

                                                                 (Price: $59.42)
What a dreamy dress! It reads ‘stunning wedding date’ about as much as it reads ‘beautiful host! The large red petals make this dress super flirtatious and fun! Modernize this traditionally beautiful dress with quirky accessories like an animated clutch in a neutral color!

Flying Melody Bird Print Midi Dress

                                                               (Price: $59.42)
Doesn’t this dress just sing the loveliest tune? It’s a pretty song that even the eyes can experience—as sheet music is featured in the print of the flying birds! The musical birds are laid against a soft, elegant blue backdrop that makes this dress a premier choice for your next brunch or afternoon tea!
Check out how I styled the Rainbow of Butterfly flared midi dress:

Just as I stated above, I pulled a bright-colored ankle strap sandal to highlight the lovely colors in the dress’s butterflies. I also grabbed an animated clutch which is simple enough to not overflow the entire ensemble but chic enough to add just the right amount of personality and playfulness! I added in minimal jewelry and spring sunnies to top the entire look off! You’ll be the most beautiful of the brunch bunch with this ensemble! Remember, color is every spring fashionista’s best friend a midi dress is the perfect way to bring the right amount of femininity, class and grace!

Enjoy & bon appetit!

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