The seventies are making a strong comeback this season! We’ve even seen the matchy-matchy monochromatic looks receive love from runways and retail stores for the past several seasons. Flare-leg pants and platform shoes have also been taking over online e-racks everywhere! Chic Wish is here to help you get in on the trend and step up your closet’s shoe game with our platform creepers!
I’ve personally been in love with this particular style.Upon first seeing them setting on the shelf, I felt pretty sure it would be the shoe no one wanted to choose despite its color block appeal. Platform sneakers just hadn’t been trending heavily since the seventies and their menswear-inspired silhouette made them less than desirable for many fashionistas who like all things girly and sensual. But I was wrong. My favorite designer opening me up to a different shoe aesthetic that I wouldn’t even previously consider.
Chic Wish has since gotten in on the action and we’re bringing you the creepers in different prints and colors! Check out our growing selection:

Galaxy Print Creeper Platforms Shoes


                                                                              (Price: $56.02)
This shoe is most certainly for the grassroots galaxy print fans who still want to delve into the trendy print despite its decline in popularity. Nothing at all wrong with it. The most respectable fashion trendsetters are those who march to their own rhythm sans outside influence. They yield to self-inspiration only and like photographers at photo shoots--they call every single one of the shots.

Geometric Pattern Print Creeper Platforms Shoes


                                                                                  (Price: $56.02)
Since its inception, the geometric print has been a staple. It has also become a choice print for edgy fashionistas who like to infuse art into their style. Stepping up your shoe game with geometric print platform creepers is an excellent style choice!

Union Jack Creeper Platforms Shoes

                                                               (Price: $53.47)

Pay a bit of homage to the United Kingdom with the Union Jack flag on your platform creepers. In recent years, the UK flag has become a fashionable design that’s been found on sweaters, leggings, bags and dresses!
*Fun Fact: Many believe this flag is the ‘British Flag’ but it isn’t. It’s actually a flag for the entire UK—which includes Great Britain and also North Ireland. It’s confusing. I know.

Creeper Platforms Shoes in Black/White

                                                            (Price: $53.47)
Maybe you’re not the ‘super print’ type and you just want to go with a simplistic black and white palette. We’ve got you covered there, too. Style these creepers with a black tuxedo dress to play up the ‘prom-esque’ shoe appeal. Wear it with a top hat if you’re feeling imaginative or a beanie if you just want to look cool without making too loud a statement.

Creeper Platforms Shoes in Black

                                                             (Price: $53.47)
Not all fashionistas want their platform creepers to stand out—not even with a chic incorporation of white. Maybe you feel their shape is unique enough and they don’t need anything aside from their mysterious, midnight black color. Touché. Black’s never exactly the ‘wrong’ choice. Enjoy these black suede creepers that allow you to be as incognito as you’d like.

How would you style your creepers!? Let us know!

If there’s one trend that Chic Wish has a smooth handle on, it is tulle! It’s a sassy fabric with a soft look about it that totally reads ‘princess ballerina’ no matter how you style it! Tulle is now a fabric that looks entirely appropriate for spaces aside from the ballet stage! It has forever been cast as the fabric that’s as enchanting on fairies walking through a forest as it is against a gorgeous pair of legs strutting through Times Square. Whether you wear a full-out dress or a midi-flare skirt, tulle is sure to give you the regal look you’re searching for.
Though I would be sans surprise if minimalist fashionistas opted for a tulle skirt in seductive black or neutral nude, I’d argue that tulle isn’t for the minimalists! Tulle is best served by fashionistas with unapologetic intentions to be glamorous and ‘girlified’ even on a bleary Tuesday! Tulle is for the fashionistas who don’t need a ‘To-Do List’ to turn a day into an adventure.

We offer the Amore tulle midi skirt blacks, greys and whites! Check out these lovely options. We have a sleek black version…

Amore Tulle Midi Skirt in Black

…and the sultry grey version…

Amore Tulle Skirt in Grey

 And just when you thought tulle skirts had to be toned down with only neutral shades, we switched things up and sweetened the pickings with strawberry red and cotton candy pink hues:

Diamonds in My Heart Pink Tulle Skirt

This short pink tulle skirt features adorable diamond embellishments for a dazzling finish! We’ve also got a pink maxi skirt if you’d like to skip out on the fullness! The sugary sweet skirt also features a lovely satin bow. 

Amore Maxi Tulle Prom Skirt in Pink

The tulle skirt makes for a guaranteed winning look and may be dressed up or down with an array of crop tops, sweaters and any leather you’d like to invite to the party! 

Going with various tops and pieces of outerwear for a well-rounded ensemble, it’s such an appropriate look for the swiftly approaching spring season and I’m sure you fashionistas cannot wait to break out those sandals and go ‘princess chic’ with tulle!
Remember to send us your stylish photos! You just may find yourself on our website or Facebook page!

From imagination-filled print midi skirts to flirty vintage skirt sets, Chic Wish loves to keep beautiful garments in rotation for you lovely shoppers! That being said, our new spring catalog is finally here and overflowing with over one hundred styles for the upcoming season! As the spring season draws nearer, you’ll be wanting to upgrade your wardrobe with the latest prints, fabrics and styles! Have a look-see at our top 5 pieces from the spring catalog, along with a styling idea for each precious piece!

Flattering Mesh Inserted Bud Skirt

This flattering mesh inserted bud skirt is wonderfully designed, staggeringly beautiful and super editorial don’t you think? The garment champions the sheer trend with the inserted mesh without appearing too cliché and features just enough detailing to be a stand-out staple black skirt with nearly unlimited styling options.

Style Tip: Tuck a lovely print blouse into this and pair with dainty pointed toe heels for a glamorous and unapologetically feminine look!

Buttons Up Knitted Skater Skirt 

                     (Also in 3 colors)

A flirty skater skirt has become a staple item for fashionable closets everywhere. It’s a playful piece that will highlight your legs in the classiest fashion. The houndstooth print and classy buttons in this particular design provide a level of sophistication for this youthful look!

Style Tip: Place a cropped black sweater over this skirt and slide your feet into a pair of ankle boots!

Polka Dots and Crochet Velvet Dress


Every girl needs a little black dress (or three) in her closet! It’s an unwritten rule.Fashion hasn’t been quite the same since. No one can disprove its necessity. A little black dress is elegance in fabric form. It is the uniform of a fashionista who thoroughly understands the power of simplistic style. This velvet black dress with the crocheted hemline and mesh featuring polka dots is just what you need to obtain the effortless elegance!

Style Tip: Wear this with strappy heels and a cropped fur coat to go chic in all-black!

Indulged Off-shoulder Dress in Mint Blue


Skin has always been in but shoulders are making a pointed and much welcomed comeback in fashion this season! For the last three years or so, it’s been all about midriff with crop tops dominating street style like no other garment. For spring 2015, you’ll see midriff but it’s all about those lovely shoulders! Slip into this mint blue off-shoulder dress with lace sleeves and a flared hemline. The mint blue hue is visually refreshing.

Style Tip: Go with a nude heel for this dress and incorporate simple accoutrements like a soft charm bracelet or a floral headband!


Love me Tender Lace Maxi Dress

Lace is (thankfully) the sensual fabric that will never get old or go away. Style yourself in head-to-toe lace with this Love Me Tender lace maxi dress. This garment is deeply romantic yet soft and airy. It’s a silent show-stopper in mint blue (again) which makes the visual all the more lively! ‘Love Me Tender’ is quite the appropriate title for this design, as there’s a peaceful energy about this dress that invokes love it at first sight. Most stylists advise against white heels, but I recommend white strappy ones with this design to give the mint blue as much shine as possible!

Now, feast your eyes on a styling set for the Love Me Tender dress.



This dress is utterly delicious, no?

For more delectable designs, shop our entire spring catalog right here on Chic Wish!

Spring is on the way and it’ll soon be time for taking walks outside wearing your lace crochet tops, cut-offs and gladiators! You’ll need springtime sunnies and when spring transitions to summer, you’ll need hair ties to keep the sweat beads from caressing your neck. Ice cream shop visits will pick up and barbeques will get back in full swing. We’ll all be poolside and happier and sun-tanned. Sigh. Can you tell that I’m feigning for the summer time?

But before we get to those eighty degree weather days, the initial spring days will flip-flop between comfy, warm weather to nippy, windy days. No matter how the weather plays out, outerwear will still reprise its role as a staple item in your daily street style. So why not go ahead and make a list of the sassy outerwear choices that you won’t break a sweat in this spring?

Bomber Jackets:

Bombers are definitely coming with us into the spring time! They’re the perfect edgy garment for elevating your daily street style with a little hip-hop inspired fashion. Check out these two floral bombers that we have in stock on Chic Wish!

Flower Check Embossed Bomber Jacket in Black

                                                        (Price: $39.90)
This bomber mixes prints sort of with flowers atop a black and white checkered background! Cute!

Blue Daisy Bomber Jacket

Continuing the floral theme, this bomber brings color into the mix with indigo and powder blue flowers!

This light and flowing version of the traditional Japanese kimono was all the trending rage last spring and summer. Fashionistas were using kimonos to play with length, prints and fabrics so spring 2015 pretty much guarantees the momentum will pick right back up as the kimonos’ lightweight and feminine appeal make for the perfect spring outerwear!

Retro Rose Fringed Kimono

                                                     (Price: $42.42)
This retro rose fringe kimono provides a beautiful red and violet combination while resting right as the hip as the fringe cascades down further! It’s a lovely garment that will move with you!

Boho Floral Fringe Kimono

                                                       (Price: $36.47)
Can we say boho chic? This kimono also features floral and fringe but is slightly shorter. Both kimonos would just as wonderful over separates as they will over a single dress!

The Sleeveless Blazer…

The sleeveless blazer was a layering favorite this winter with many fashionistas going wild with the layering outerwear trend. The possibilities are infinite with a sleeveless blazer vest!

Similar here:

…And Don’t Forget the Trench Coats!

Textured Belted Trench Coat in Grey


The trench coat is still wearable for the spring. I don’t mean the thick wool ones you wear to keep stylish while braving the blizzards. I mean the light trench coats that are perfect for keeping goose bumps from traveling up your arms during breezy spring evenings! Our trench coat is just light enough to work for spring and is available in grey, indigo blue and black! It’s just the staple item you need! 

Which spring outerwear will you be wearing! Enjoy!

Spring’s arrival is certainly exciting and with the Spring 2015 collection pieces being out and available for retail sale—many fashionistas are buzzing with their spring essentials, favorite florals and color crushes for the forthcoming season. I can already hear the birds chirping and am visualizing my floral maxi dress whipping in the friendly spring wind with my floppy J.Lo-inspired beach hat and sandals.
But, alas.
Winter isn’t going away until the end of March and before spring gets here, the winter season will get a bit more brutal. Alas, Snow will be back on the ground before we know it and those knee-length shift dresses with the light chiffon fabric? Yeah, they’ll be awaiting spring eagerly from the back of your closet--along with your gladiator sandals and denim cut-offs.
So while winter is still in the mix, you may as well finish it off stylishly strong—and we have just the perfect answer for you: Smooth suede!
From tops to skirts to full-out midi-length tea dresses, we’ve got suede locked down for you here at! Check out these great suede garments that should help you brave the freezing winter weather for just a little while longer with just a little more glam!
Here come the neutrals!

Ring A Bell Suede Top in Brown

                                                         (Price: $29.90)
This lovely top makes for a flexible styling garment with its cozy brown hue!

Chicwish Drape Jacket in Camel

                                                          (Price: $76.42)
The drape jacket is always such a chic, rugged look! It’s definitely perfectly suited for the outdoors fashionistas who loves to represent her love for nature in her fashion! It also comes in grey!

Speaking of a berry-colored suede, we went and found dashing midi-length tea dresses, double-breasted coats and flared midi skirts in deep, bold colors for you to marvel over. Neutrals are great as staple starters, but colors are where the party really starts! Check them out:

Scene of Elegance Suede Midi Dress in Violet

                                                              (Price: $61.97)
True to its name, this violet dress is certainly elegant! Though suede can be super thick and sturdy, this dress flares just enough to move with you beautifully as you go about your day! Style it with cute ankle booties or black pointed toe heels for a traditional look!

Contrast Color Block Shift Dress


                                                                (Price: $50.92)
Now this color-blocked suede beauty is a Chic Wish favorite! The suede dress gives off a super retro vibe! As for you? Go for black ankle boots or a metallic bootie if you can find one and want to take a fashion risk!


Classy Contrast Double-breasted Suede Coat in Wine


                                                       (Price: $39.90)
And here’s another Chic Wish favorite! Our double-breasted suede is divine with its captivating wine hue and seductive synched waist. This is quite the fun coat—and so editorial!Pile your hair on top of your head for a messy bun and grab sassy dangling earrings. Trust me. It’s a bombshell look.
See anything you like? Let’s finish winter off in strong with suede style!
Keep warm and chic!


Minimalism has been one of the strongest trends of the season with droves of fashionistas opting for clean lines, neutral shades and less (if any) embellishment. The minimalism trend is the visual antithesis to color and print-blocking. It’s the divergent from dramatic fashion as it rests confidently on the mantra that “less is much more”. And maybe you haven’t delved into it yet but as much as us color-lovers and print wearers push back, we cannot help but notice the fashionistas who strut by us in all-black that look like chic walking mysteries. And what about the ladies who mix nude tones with ease? You love your houndstooth and paisley but just admit it---it looks
If you’re like me, then you can mix prints with the best of them but can’t mix nude tones to save your life. Sigh. We’ll learn. Let’s do it together!
The bright side of putting your vibrant colors away for a day is that you’re going to look like a silent fashion killer with your minimalist look and it’ll be a refreshing change from your style M.O. So let Chic Wish help you out with eight solid must-haves to tastefully achieve a minimalist look!
First up is the LBD—the little black dress! It’s appropriate any and everywhere! It’s as casual or as fancy as you want it to be with no absolutely embellishments!

Scrolled Trim Open-back Flare Dress in Black

                                                         (Price: $44.97)

Style your LBD with any outerwear you choose or layer it with the appropriate top for a chic look! You’ll always look wonderful and there’s no such thing as over or underdressed when you’re wearing an LBD!

Cutout Shoulder Roll-Neck Sweater


While an LBD may take some styling (i.e. selecting the right heel, outerwear, etc...)—sometimes you want to put on a piece of clothing that tells a story all its own. The cut-out shoulder top is just enough ‘sexy’ without adding too much to what is supposed to be a minimalist to the look! Slide into a pair of black slacks and heels and you’re good to go!

Next up is the trench coat. If you never pocket anything else about fashion—please know that an official piece of outerwear can elevate any ensemble you step out in. And I do mean anything. Check out our black trench coat…

Simplicity Oversized Black Trench Coat


And then check out how I’d style it:

Place the Chic Wish black trench coat over a black pair of pants, crop top and platform ankle boots! Give yourself a pop of color with a red lip and then keep your black eyewear super simple. An all-black ensemble is mysterious and chic. It exudes strength and confidence! It’s a monochromatic look but it’s hardly monotonous.
Which piece would you get to pull off your minimalist look in seductive black? We recommend you snag all three!

As snow still coats the ground in many parts of the states and the weather man disappoints the spring-wishers with yet another prediction of glittery flakes—I can only sit and dream up all the different ways that fashionist as everywhere can slay this spring. I’ve been lusting after luscious florals, pastels and sandals and spring just cannot arrive fast enough. But when it does, I dare not leave my winter white behind with the snowflakes. It’s definitely got to come with all of us! White is angelic. Sleek. Minimal. Neutral. Sophisticated. No, we mustn’t leave it behind. I’ve pulled together a few cool tips to turn your crisp winter white into light and airy spring perfection! Peruse through Chic Wish’s coolest crisp white offerings and then check out the suave styling tips down at the bottom:

Retro Floral Cutout Bucket Bag in White


                                                                           (Price: $79.90)


The bucket bag is one of the top trending bags of the spring season and will last well into the summer and fall of 2015! This bag favors texture, as it features floral cut-outs as opposed to an actual floral print. 


My Victorian Dream Full Lace Dress

                                                  (Price: $79.90)

This ‘My Victorian Dream’ full lace dress is an incredible vintage-inspired piece that creeps up the neckline in the most regal fashion. It also features uber-feminine ruffles and lace that create a super romantic look!

Ethereal Relaxed Embroidered Dress in White

                                                           (Price: $79.90)

‘Relaxed’ is the perfect description for this easy-going white dress with blue embroidery. Its A-line silhouette caters to virtually any shape and shows of the shoulders elegantly.  

Fringed Lace Crochet Shorts in White

                   (Price: $33.92)


These white lace and fringe shorts are serving the perfect dose of ‘boho chic’ and the flirty fringe is sure to move right along with your sway!

And nowww for the styling tips that will have you flaunting winter white throughout the spring season:
1.Go with light fabrics that move with you.
As you can see, movement is everything for most garments. If it doesn’t move well, then you won’t achieve that clean, sleek look you’re aiming for. Fabrics like the fringe and ruffles above will elegantly animate the feminine sway.

2.Don’t forget your florals!
Nothing sings ‘springtime’ better than florals! And remember, you don’t just have to do a floral ‘print’. The retro floral cut-out bucket bag above shows how textures can offer the visual as well!

3.Incorporate the Appropriate Colors.
Whether you opt for electrifying colors like cobalt blue and neon yellow or softer hues like lavender and blush pink—splashing a bit of color will undoubtedly provide you the springtime look you seek!


How will YOU be turning your winter white pieces into spring-worthy attire?


So this spring is due to be a whirl of crazy prints, bold colors, suave silhouettes and sweet neutrals for the minimalists! Just like fall boots and winter trenches, you’re going to be needing a few go-to items that will set off your spring closet like no other while providing you with an easy-access plan for those last-minute dates and “I have nothing to wear” days.

Why not go vintage with skirt sets? Serve a bit of Clueless flavor while channeling your inner Cher, Dionne and Tai! 

Remember how they use to strut through Bronson Alcott High School in Beverly Hills in the best of threads? They practically created the 90’s girl uniform and had all of us blurting out, “As if!” and “Whatever!” You can borrow their style and make it 2015-ready with the skirt sets at flattering prices from Chic Wish. Take a look-see at our lovely pieces:

Double Breasted Flap Coat and Skirt Set in Emerald


                     Price: $56.02

This double-breasted flap coat and skirt set almost gives off the illusion of a fitted trench coat! Make this teal skirt set and its serious silhouette more playful with a printed blouse underneath and heels! 

Houndstooth Top and Skirt Set with Faux Leather Trim


                    Price: $52.90

Double-up on the vintage with the classic houndstooth print featured on this top and skirt set! The flirty hemline of the circle skirt really makes this look generously youthful!

Fly Away Birds Embossed Shirt and Skirt Set

                    Price: $50.92

This blouse and skirt set features the fly away bird print that envelopes the skirt the top’s collar! It’s a lovely way to incorporate an interesting print while keeping the colors at a minimum. Including a splash of color with the heels wouldn’t hurt! I’d recommend deeper colors like violet, burnt orange or teal! Gold accessories will elegantly elevate your cute ensemble!

Cotton Flowers Top and Skirt Set

                    (Price: $64.52)

And here’s another black and white print skirt set but these cotton flowers add a more feminine touch to this one! The sweatshirt top with the scoop neckline also makes this particular set a much more casual choice! 

Dark Grey Raw Trim Jacket and Skirt Set

                    (Price: $50.92)

Get a little more playful with this raw trimmed jacket and skirt set that will match your sway as you saunter throughout your day! This skirt set in dark grey offers a different visual, allowing you to experiment with texture as opposed to print. A printed blouse or bright, bold color will further your stand-out look! 

A skirt set gives you two less pieces you have to worry about styling together and totally reads vintage chic! Remember to mix the vintage appeal with modern accessories and tops to create a visual hit with your style!


In 2014, Style Bistro dubbed landscape print the “trend to try”. Though we saw the occasional landscape print dress and top on retail sales floors, we hardly saw enough fashionistas wearing this trend at the stylish level it could be worn. 2015—spring 2015, precisely—boasts great prints, wonderful colors and yes--- room for a bit more print innovation. The landscape print is just chic enough to slide right into the open spaces of your style plan for this spring. Sometimes the places on the globe that we treasure the most, aren’t a simple trolley ride away. Whether you have a cozy view of an autumn forest or a picturesque vision of London’s evening skyline—Chic Wish has the perfect garments to help you capture, keep and display the most beautiful scenes in the world.

Check out our lovely landscape print flared midi skirts that will provide just the amount of energy and style that spring 2015 will most certainly require.

This autumn forest landscape print is reminiscent of the most graceful watercolor painting. It’s a lovely way to bring the autumn season with you into the spring while leaving the nippy weather behind. It’s a captivating piece, indeed.

And say you’d like to sport a landscape print without it being the star of your ensemble? This scenic print Jacquard midi skirt is the perfect answer for your closet!

The scenic print is reserved for the hemline so you still get the styling benefits of a ‘white skirt’ since it is primarily white. Luckily for you, this print skirt has several more levels of personality and playfulness!

Though most landscape prints feature portraits of lovely nature scenes, other unexpected visuals may catch your eye as well. Take a break from the average navy blue skirt with this pleated midi skirt featuring the bold, beautiful night skyline of London!

Style these skirts in a variety of ways to suit your tastes. Saunter around in a crop top featuring the Bardot neckline and a pair of strappy heels. Or, what about a lovely leotard with the Sabrina neckline and ankle booties? The choice is yours. Either way, you’ll be beautiful.

With our imaginatively designed landscape print skirts, you get to take yourself and awed onlookers on a lovely pictorial excursion as you head out and about through your day. These skirts are incredibly feminine and flirty. They also promise to offer so much sophistication and poise to your wardrobe. You’ll receive a caravan of compliments because of how dashing you look in your skirt, but you’ll also receive them because you’ve reminded your British mailman of home. Or your office’s secretary of how much she enjoyed trailing through the autumn forests of Switzerland. You see, fashion proves each day just how powerful it truly is. It is so much greater than just fabric and thread and patterns and colors and prints. Fashion offers an entire experience and you’re bound to enjoy an amazing one with these landscape print skirts!

Enjoy them now! You’ll thank us later!

As prepared as we already are for spring, winter’s not over juuussst yet.

So, until the flowers start blooming and the April showers start coming down, we’re going to keep sipping hot cocoa and wrapping up in style! Let the fur items featured on Chic Wish help you bundle up in beautiful faux furs that serve Hollywood glamour and luxe street style! We’ll keep you covered in all the neutrals you need to maintain a classic look and we’ll even throw in a soft color here and there! Check us out!

Wild at Heart Faux Fur Vest in Black (Price: $48.37)


Tap into your wild side with this black wild at heart fur vest featuring a chic line of tan fur at the chest! As simple as this piece is, it has such a fierce look about it that will surely bring some heat to your smoking hot all-black efforts as we close the winter out! This fur vest also comes in a soft white version! I can so see this being placed over a long-sleeved sweater dress and knee-high boots for a look that reads every bit of Winter New York!

Chicwish Glam White Faux Fur Coat (Price: $76.42)

Nothing quite says old Hollywood Glamour like a winter white fur coat. Depending on how you style this number, you could be channeling your inner Marilyn Monroe whose favorite piece of outerwear was seemingly the white fur coat OR Elizabeth Taylor who adored no two things more than diamonds and fur!

Detachable Faux Fur Collar Ruffle Cape in Pink (Price $110.42)

From Lupita N’Yongo in her red Ralph Lauren dress to Solange in white Kenzo for her Vogue-style wedding and then to Katy Perry for the Grammy’s---the cape has taken over! I’ve even seen shorter cape versions a la BCBG Maxazria featured in the reality show Real Housewives of Atlanta and Fox’s Empire! Why not continue the elegant Europa trend throughout Winter 2015 with this lovely blush pink cape coat featuring a bodacious glam fur collar? This particular cape offers a sweet slight diversion from the trend’s usual M.O. thanks to its playful ruffles and the detachable fur collar! Lovely choice!

Faux Fur Collar (Price: $33.15)

This accessory is super fun and super flexible! Add it to virtually any winter ensemble as long as you can get the colors to flatter one another and you’ll be good to go! It will be just as chic peaking from the top of your trench coat as it will laying against the above-featured leather shirt dress! This fun faux fur collar also comes in white, brown and black! Winter is on its way out and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for warm weather sooner than later---but unfortunately, the cold temperatures will be sticking as much as the snow! So keep yourself bundled up and glamorous with these fur pieces! Which of these fur pieces would you choose to elevate your wardrobe to the old Hollywood glamour plateau? Enjoy!

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