1.What is Chic Point Reward?
The Chic Point Reward is a program to give bonus shopping credit to our customer who spread the words of Chicwish via different social networks.

2.What can I do with the points?
10 points=$1 shopping credit.

If you have points, you can login your account and redeem your point on http://www.chicwish.com/checkout/cart/

3.How to gain points?

1)Share our website or your outfit post on your social networks including(blog, lookbook, facebook pinterest board, wanelo collection, instagram etc.)
  *50 points will be granted for a dedicated blog post by introducing our online store and at least 3 of your favorite Chicwish items.  *You must write the item name and then link the item name to the item page, for example: Cat Face Embroidery Ballet Flat Shoes in Black
  *30 points will be granted for an outfit post with our items on your blog or Lookbook(must link back to the item page), Instagram(must #Chicwish). If the outfit was not from Chicwish, you must link it to a similar item on our website.
  *20 points will be granted for a pinterest board with at least 10 items from Chicwish.com or a wanelo collection with at least 10 items(one time granted)
  *10 points will be granted for other eligible sharing

All links or pages submitted will be reviewed manually and only eligible submission will be approved for points to your account.

Please submit your links in your account's Chic Point Reward section.

2)You will earn 1 point for every $2 you spent in your account after your order was shipped
*no additional points will be rewarded if you already spend points on the order
*points will be reversed immediately if a refund or cancellation was requested

3)"Like" us on Facebook, "Like" our product/pages on Facebook. You will earn 2 points for liking each product
*A maximun 10 points can be earned for one day and a total 20 points can be earned

4)After you receive your order, you can review your items to gain 10 points for each review.(Only customer who actually made a purchase can make a review)