Winter is coming but there’s nothing wrong with stepping
out in a beautiful dress with delicate floral crochet and
embroidery! These stunning dresses might be your secret
going-out weapon, but there’s really no need to keep this
stylish piece under lock and key.

                   Flower Dance Crochet Maxi Dress

                         Featured by cellajane Blog   

                      Featured by fiftypairsofshoes blog   


                 Floral Paradise Embroidered Dress in Black

                                Featured by straightastyleblog  



                            Featured by arianalauren  Blog

                                  Mi Amore Lace Dress

                            Featured by claudiafagadar Blog    

                        Featured by moonlolly Blog     


         Wondrous Floral Embroidered Maxi Dress

                               Featured by ellabrooksblog    

                                  Featured by lush.avenue  

                      Splendid Crochet White Dress

                    Featured by kaitlinkkeegan blog

              Wildflower Fresh Crochet Flare Dress

                         Featured by attn-to-detail           


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embroidered dress



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crochet dress


Happy Shopping!

We know what you’re thinking: No, you can never
have too many clothes.And yes, one with an elegant
asymmetric silhouette is a must-have.Check these
garments for the days when unique cutting is your
style weapon of choice:


Urban Vogue Flap Skirt in White

        Urban Vogue Flap Skirt in Navy and White  



Fell in fall

         Asymmetry Elegance Midi Skirt in 

                          Tan and Black



Dashing Rose Glamor

      Dashing Rose Embossed Waterfall Skirt in 

                         Blue, Red  Blue



Knitted skirts

         Asymmetry Song Wool-blend Skirt in  

                             Tan Navy and Wine




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Asymmetric Lace-up sweater

       Asymmetric Lace-up Shoulder Sweater in 

                Blue and Purple and Mustard




shoulder bowknot

        Double Ribbon Top in Stripe and White


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Ready or not, fall is already here and it’s time to
pull out the boots, jackets, turtlenecks and thick,
rich fabrics that give all fall wardrobes their brilliance!
Talking about fall fashion, a matching top and outer
combo will always afford you with a trendy and collected
impression. Here are some comfy Fall layering outfits that
will never go out of style.

                               Featured by Cellajane Blog  

                               Top and Cardigan

                      Featured by Larisacostea Blog  

                              Blazer, Top and Skirt 

                  Featured by Prettyinthepines Blog  

                          Cardigan and Top (Similar)

                         Featured by Navygrace Blog   


                      Featured by lookslikeperfect Blog  

                                    Coat and Sweater

                      Featured by fashionedchic Blog  

                          Sweater and Coat(Similar)

                  Featured by carriebradshawlied Blog  

                             Coat and dress(similar)


                  Featured by simplypoisedfashion Blog

                        Coat and dress, dress  (Similar)


                         Featured by Laurajaneatelier Blog

                                 Dress and Coat (Similar)


                     Featured by Gilochka Blog  Cardigan 


Happy shopping!

Featured by Larisa Costea from The Mysterious Girl Blog

Let’s be honest. We all want looks that say, “Being a bombshell takes practice, hon. You’ll get there some day”— without it actually requiring as much practice as it looks. Skirts that scream, “The most romantic vacay of my life is happening 5…4…3...” Even when said vacay is occurring at an office desk or in the seat of a classroom.


Girls are dreamers. Women are visionaries. Both groups need an ensemble that tells a popping story. So think of this latest collection of Chicwish skirts as the juiciest, most plot-twisting chapter. We’re talking Parisian landscape prints that turn heads and leave onlookers wishing to walk beneath the Arch de Triumph alongside an attractive lad or lady. And flamingos that dance atop fabric inciting fantasies of fancy cocktails and party music that’s almost too fast to keep up with. Almost.


From gondola rides in Venice with the girls to lunching on crepes in Paris to running errands during an entry-level job that’s your beginning but certainly not your end—these pieces are everything. We’ve got a skirt that tells each and every one of your life stories.


Step into it and let the bombshell transformation begin.


Hello Chicwishers! We truly appreciate everyone who had taken the time and effort to participate in our Giveaway Contest last week. Now the results are out! .

Find below the 10 lucky winners who have won Chicwish $200 giftcard:

Emma Anderson
[email protected]

Gato Negro
[email protected]

Kayley Freshman-Caffrey
[email protected]

Naria Gelin
[email protected]

Caroline Coleman
[email protected]

Maria Gibb
[email protected]

Kelsea Nixon
[email protected]

Ehmonie Hainey

Megan geiss
[email protected]

Yaffa Ali
[email protected]

Here are 5 winners who have won the gift box of 7 Chicwish's essential printed midi skirts:

Dorina Nemeskéri
[email protected]

[email protected]

Michelle Green
[email protected]

Tracy Kerpel
[email protected]

Anna Ross
[email protected]

Congratulations! All winners will be personally contacted via email by our stuffs so keep an eye out on your inbox!

Thank you so much for participating and helping to make it a huge success! Stay tuned! We’ll be back again with another fun and stylish contest very soon!


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