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Chicwish traces its beginnings back to its original idea of catering to the younger generation with a distinct sense of chic style while keeping our excellent quality and affordability.

Chicwish appreciates vintage-inspired and handmade collections while establishing our online store as a mecca for those with an eye for fun fashion.

The Chicwish team has established its name in the U.S., the U.K., and in Asia, where dynamic lifestyles and cosmopolitan outlooks blend the best of the East and the West. 

Chicwish provides its indie designers with trending new ideas to draw from so that they can express their true talent and creativity. 

Chicwish has dedicated fashion buyers with more than eight years of experience in the fashion industry. They use their skills and knowledge to spot the trend and stay ahead of the curve while bringing the most stunning fashion for our customers.

Every item at Chicwish is hand-selected to ensure quality and uniqueness. Chicwish truly cares for each customer and is dedicated to delivering the best service they can provide.

Chicwish cares for its customers most and we would love to hear any voice from you. If you have any question, suggestion or concern, don’t hesitate to speak with us via online chat or via our contact form. We promise that any of your voice will be replied on a warmly and timely manner. See our promise and satisfaction guarantee here.